Brand 1

Kroma Industries has been a pioneer in manufacturing organic pigments. Additionally Kroma is also a specialist in making Toners suitable for a wide range of printing inks including offset inks, publication gravure inks, water based packaging inks, solvent based packaging inks and decorative laminate inks. Present day printing demands high-quality solutions. Offering increased flexibility, our brand of KROMAPRINTTM pigments focusses primarily on water based as well as some solvent inks. These pigments are developed under controlled and monitored parameters of output to deliver the best-in-class dispersion, high strength gloss, low viscosity, optimal rheological properties and offering comprehensive shades from transparent or translucent to opaque.

Brand 2

Kroma Industries is a pioneer in manufacturing water based pigments and we primarily focus on this segment. Kroma provides high performance organic pigments which are ideal for Decorative as well as Industrial paint applications. These pigments are developed under controlled and manitored parameters of output to deliver superior durability and high gloss required for Industrial paints. We use best-in-class technology to achieve optimum opacity and rheological properties (flow and viscosity) to ensure effective coverage, reduced runs, minimum overspray and sagging, in every single product. As a result, our brand KROMACOATTM offers high tinctorial strength, hiding power and excellent dispersion, imparting stability and performance along with optimal levels of light and weather fastness required for Decorative and Industrial paints

Brand 3

Our range of organic and phthalocyanine pigments, developed especially for plastic masterbatch application, is developed under controlled and monitored parameters of outout to deliver the best-in-class dispersion, enhanced strength, low FPV valie and excellent heat stability. These pigments are classified to an optimal particle size in order to prevent clogging of the mesh when the plastic masterbatch is being produced. 








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